Tour Details, Costs & Reservations

We have lived in Palmilla sinds 2007 and have been organizing trips to Coiba for 12 years. We have established good relationships with the local fishermen and boat owners in Malena and Palo Seco and with the Parks rangers on Coiba. We can therefore provide the best trips at affordable prices and at relatively short notice.

Our Coiba Island tour package consists of one night and dinner at our B&B on the eve of departure and two nights at Coiba. You return on the third day around midday. You can use a shower at our B&B to refresh before you leave, if you leave. A boat with skipper & guide are at your disposal during your stay at Coiba. (You need a boat to get to the good reefs and trails). We normally stick to the program mentioned above, but sometimes changes may be necessary because of tides, currents, the weather or other circumstances. We can also adapt the program to your specific needs or priorities.

The following is included in the price of the tour:

  • Food & non-alcoholic drinks
  • ANAM entrance fees
  • 3 nights accommodation if camping, first night in hotel heliconia
  • 2 nights if bahia honda, first night in the hotel heliconia
  • all water transport
  • an experienced multi language guide
  • use of fins, masks and snorkels 

If you would like to take along some beer, wine or other drinks, let us know and we will make sure they are on board for a reasonable price. Tour prices depend on the number of participants. We can accommodate 2 to 6 participants. If you are more write to us.

Note that in 2023 we can only temporary camp on coiba. The costs are unfortunately rather more expensive to include the boat and crew for setting up and breaking of the camp.

Coiba camp trip (1 night heliconia, 2 nights on coiba) all inclusive costs: *
Per person for 2 participants $ 995
Per person for 3 participants $ 850 and with 4 to 6: $ 775

*Price includes accommodation, transportation, Coiba National Park entry fees, tour activities,
guidance by multilingual biologist and food. Prices are subject to change.

Note that our alternative to the camping trip with an air conditioned room in Bahia Honda is cheaper:

Coiba bahia honda trip (1 night heliconia, 1 night bahia honda near coiba) costs:  *Per person for 2 participants $ 700
Per person for 3 or more participants $ 600

Any extra night before or after the tour with dinner and breakfast will be $60 pp.

Tour Reservation & Deposits

Your stay on the Island is still limited due to restrictions from the government.
A bed for your stay is reserved for you in our tent camp on the main island Coiba. Clean bedding and towels are provided. Receptacles for biodegradable and regular waste are available. The biodegradable waste is disposed in the latrine and non-recyclable trash taken back to the main land. We have a strict no-touching policy with regards to wildlife.

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