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Arrival and check-in at Heliconia Bed & Breakfast where you will be spending your first night before departing the next morning for Coiba. Confirmation with Tanager Tourism of logistics & payment arrangements. You can ask any question you can think of and we will try our best to answer. 

Day 0:
Arrival and check in at Hotel Heliconia (from 2 pm onwards) and dinner with the guide and other participants around 7 pm. The guide will give you a brief overview of the program, which depends on the tides, and will give some tips on what to bring along.

Day 1:
We leave the hotel at 8 am for the 5 minute drive to the harbor. We leave around 8.20 am for Coiba. The boat travels along the northern shores of Cébaco Island, passes Santa Catalina and then straight to Coiba. En route you may see pelicans, frigate birds, terns and dolphins.

We arrive at Coiba around 11 am, depending on the tide and the currents. We check in at ANAM and head out to snorkel near Granito de Oro. This islet is famous for the turtles and large schools of reef fish. Later, we walk the Sendero dos Monos, looking for monkeys and forest birds. This path leads through the primary forest. Back at the ANAM camp, there is time to explore the trails near the camp or chill out in a hammock.

Day 2:
We visit two other reefs. At Isla Machete we often find octopus, snappers and white-tip reef-sharks, as well as small rays. The site at Cocos Island is good for moray eels. In the afternoon we do a trip in the mangrove. Here you may see all sorts of water birds and perhaps an American crocodile. After that we walk the sender los pozos, which leads through secondary vegetation, forest edges and some primary forest to some hot springs. This is a good place for monkeys and the endemic Coiba spinetail. We will be back at ANAM late in the afternoon.

Day 3:
We pack our gear and put everything in the boat. On the way out we snorkel at one more reef, which has a nice drop off where many fish hang out. After that we travel back to hotel Heliconia, where we arrive around noon. A light lunch and a shower will be waiting for you and thenwe say good bye.
The guide will adapt the program to the tides to make sure you get the most out of your visit and will also adapt the program to the specific wishes of the group. We can also design a tailor-made trip for you and your group.

Please contact us with your wishes and we will make a proposal for you.
One-night trips are also possible, please contact us if your time is limited.

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