Coiba Tour Schedules – Departure Dates

We are glad you are planning dates. Unfortunately we still have to contemplate the COVID-19 pandemic. Coiba is still open only for day trips and we need to make reservations 72 hours before.

We have a new package that includes the night before and if you wish the night after and a very long day trip – 9 hours!. To optimize this day, the calendar below states the days that we can get the best snorkeling with the lowest tides (the difference can be as much as 5 m/17 ft), and we can still do one of the trails. Note that July to October there is a good chance to see humpback whales and that will be part of the trips adventures.

We do hope that by December we can do our camping trips again. We communicate with clients directly so use the user form or send us an email.  We also provide several day trips within Mariato District including Cerro Hoya, Mangroves, and Observation RockPool or Garden short trips.

Arrival at Heliconia Daytrip Coiba Bookings 6 max
7 JULY 2021 9  JULY  6 am to 3 pm BOOKED
13 JULY 2021 14 JULY  8 am to 5 pm
22 or 23  JULY 2021 23  OR 24 JULY  6 am to 3 pm
26 or 27 JULY 2021 27 OR 28 JULY  8 am to 5 pm
5 or 6 AUGUST 2021 6 OR 7 AUGUST  5h30 am to 2h30 pm
9 or 10 AUGUST 2021 10 OR 11 AUGUST  6h30 am to 3h30 pm
11 or 12 AUGUST 2021 12 OR 13 AUGUST  8 am to 5 pm
22 or 23 AUGUST 2021 23 OR 24 AUGUST  6h30 am to 3h30 pm
25 or 26 AUGUST 2021 26 OR 27 AUGUST  8 am to 5 pm
5 or 6 SEPTEMBER 6 OR 7 SEPTEMBER  6 am to 3 pm
8 or 9 SEPTEMBER 9 OR 10 SEPTEMBER  6h30 am to 3h30 pm

We partner with locals, and still try to avoid separating staff from their families on important holidays, so we don’t normally go to Coiba on Panama’s Mother’s Day (8 Dec); Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year; We avoid Carnival and Easter weekend. However for 2021 and early 2022 we can make an exception.

Please do  contact us! because rules and regulations may change.